Are You Afraid of Getting Botched?
The NipTuck Coach, Michele Garber Reveals 10 Insider Steps to a Safe, Successful and Stunning Transformation.
Don't Leave this Decision to Chance.

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✅ How to make the best choices and not get botched or regret your decision.

✅ What to look for in a surgeon and their practice. 

✅ How to steer away from marketing gimmicks and jargon so you are not sold procedures you do not need or want.

✅ Easy and simple rules to follow before you sign on the dotted line to ease your anxiety.

✅ Easy steps to follow to give you peace of mind to make an informed decision. It's a mind body experience, remember everything is connected.

The fear of botched plastic surgery can be paralyzing, but it doesn't having to be. My exclusive insider guide, "Be Beautiful Not Botched", empowers you with the knowledge to make informed decisions to minimize your risks of disappointing results.
If you are looking for guidance, support and preparation, Michele will be there for you. 💖 Lynn A.
I am so thankful to have you ‘in my corner’ as I begin my facial surgery journey! Thanks for giving me the confidence to move forward with surgery! Looking forward to the next steps in this journey.❤️ Jenna H.
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Meet Michele Garber @niptuckcoach

Known as "The NipTuck Coach," Michele Garber, B.S.,CAC., is a renowned plastic surgery coach and patient advocate. With over two decades of experience in the field, she is widely regarded as the foremost authority on consumer plastic surgery safety, and is sought after by patients and plastic surgeons alike for her expertise and unbiased advice. Michele has helped countless individuals achieve their aesthetic goals, while building confidence and self-esteem along the way. 

Michele is a frequent lecturer at medical meetings and aesthetic medical symposiums, and has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Big Medicine Magazine, Women Business Times, Med Esthetics, SF Gate, Newsweek, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, VICE, and has appeared on ABC, KGO Radio, Ticker News, Your California Life, ITV Daybreak, Growing Plastic Surgeon, Today's Leading Woman. She is also the host of The NipTuck Talk Show podcast, and is the author of "Be Beautiful Not Botched, The 10 Golden Rules for Safe Cosmetic Surgery". 
Ms. Garber holds a Bachelor's degree in Business from Quinnipiac University, is a Certified Aesthetic Coach (CAC) and is completing a Functional Nutrition Counselor Certification (CFNC) .

Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to be or contain medical advice. The contents here and the contents of  this ebook are for informational purposes only. You should  consult with a licensed physician and not rely on anything contained herein. (c) Niptuck Consulting, LLC. All rights reserved.  
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